Cod. VAL02
Alberobello, Monopoli and Polignano Day trip from Bari

From trulli houses to the sea in the heart of puglia

Code VAL-02
Alberobello the city of "trulli" is a fairy tale village, an enchanted place where seems you are walking among gnomes houses. Its historic center is one of the most famous UNESCO sites of the region Alberobello is the most important stage of your journey in Puglia! Monopoli is the Apulian “unique city” par excellence and is located on the coast south of Bari, Monopoli has a picturesque ancient old district, protected by a high wall still equipped with cannons and a sixteenth-century castle, it offers unforgettable views in the narrow streets scented with sea breeze, this city has the soul of a real fishing village, silent and peaceful during the day, but in the evening it becomes one of the liveliest stops in the Apulian Movida Spectacular is the location of the historic center of this town in the south of Bari, perched on a high white cliff overlooking the sea Polignano a mare offers a maze of alleys that open surprisingly on balconies 30 meters above the sea level. Capital of Apulian artisan ice cream, it is the birthplace of Domenico Modugno, whose statue dedicated to him stands out on the splendid seafront of the city. Theater of several international film sets, it is one of the most famous tourist destinations for its turquoise and clean sea, awarded by Legambiente!
At 3.30 departure from Polignano a Mare with arrival in Bari after approximately one hour.