Cod. SAL01
Lecce, Otranto and fabulous beaches

The Southern Florence and the east pearl

(Code SAL-01) 
Departure at 07.00 am from Petruzzelli Theatre of Bari, destination Lecce, about 2 hours by car from Bari.
Lecce is the main town of the Salento area, the southern part of Puglia, and it's called the “Florence of South” for its superb beauty of churches and elegant noble baroque buildings, with a lot of stone decorations which have a beautiful gold and pink tinge. The ancient town has a lot of amazing monuments in a very little space, above all in the square of the bishop called Piazza Duomo where the visitor is surrounded by magnificent gold-tinged buildings full of angels, statues, saints, flowers, faces of artists in an unrivaled original style! After we will move from Lecce to Otranto. The Eastern town of Italy is a beautiful town with Greek and Byzantine influences. Otranto has got a big castle that overlooks the port, a pedestrian ancient wall, a lot of narrows streets full of little shops and restaurants but above all an enormous cathedral of the Norman period, built in the 12^ century with a magnificent interior set off by a striking mosaic floor, one of the largest existent, completed in the medieval period. In the right altar there are the skulls of the 800 martyrs of the terrible massacre of the year 1480 .
Free time for lunch and go to the beach! At 2.30 pm return to Bari, 2 hours of drive.